A Dinorific Way to Dunk Your Cookies

Pat and Mike

Founders of DunkTools Inc. and the DinoDunk, are brothers-in-law, entrepreneurs and cookie enthusiasts. 


Began his career as a Local 40 Union IronWorker, helping to build many of Manhattan's prolific skyscrapers and iconic sites. After an injury at work found him sidelined, the co-founder of DunkTools Inc., was fortunate enough to spend time at home with his three kids. LOTS of time.  His children’s frequent requests for milk and cookies always led to spills, sticky fingers, and major clean up!  While seeing how messy this iconic snack could be--and capitalizing on his love of engineering--Pat went to work constructing the perfect fun-filled, mess-free tool that both parents and kids will love!  


Has no such compelling saga. He’s just been a professional cookie dunker for as long as he can remember--from cookie sleeves, packets and boxes of every kind there was--he's been a prodigy in his field from a young age and has the passion to match it. Though his day job and professional capacity are in real estate finance, he daydreams about putting all his chips in the cookie business.

DunkTools is a family owned and operated company founded by two brother-in-laws, Pat and Mike, who have a love for cookies, cleanliness and fun. We are here to keep hands dry, tables clean, and cookies delicious.